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Regular Transfers

Whether you are making payments on an overseas mortgage, pension transfers overseas or sending money abroad for any other reason, IMS Foreign Exchange will give you a clean, swift method combined with best exchange rates and no delays. We have removed the hassle of having to arrange individual payments each time.

The IMS FX Regular Payment Plan provides you with great value for money and ease for all of your regular overseas transfers.

The benefits to you of making payments overseas using the Regular Payment Plan are:
  • Best Exchange Rate, low transfer fees and no receiving bank charges, saving you money on every money transfer.

  • The ease of payments by Standing Order, removing the trouble of having to arrange individual payments every time you want to transfer money home.

  • The peace of mind of having a clear schedule of payments so you know well in advance when your money will be there to meet your payment needs.

  • No Transfer Fees as compared to most high street banks who will charge up to £25 for each and every international money transfer you make. With IMS Foreign Exchange there are no transfer charges which could save you up to £300 a year.

  • No commission fees as most high street banks can charge up to 2% per international money transfer. We don't charge you any additional commission fees.  
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