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About IMS Foreign Exchange

Whatever your reason for moving money overseas, whether to transfer your savings for your new life abroad, investing in property or other high value goods or making regular transfers overseas, we understand that you will want to get as much for your money as you can. 

Moving currency can be a complex procedure. IMS Foreign Exchange believe that you should be fully informed of the process and costs prior to trading and this website aims to answer your questions and help you to trade worry free.

With this in mind we have set out below our promise to you:

Code of Conduct


We have adopted a voluntary code of conduct that sets the standards for foreign exchange companies and their employees to follow. It provides valuable protection for the client and explains how employees are expected to deal with you day to day and in times of difficulty.

The code applies to foreign exchange services including the exchange, payment and transfer of funds.

Our Promise

To operate in an appropriate and honest way in all our dealings by meeting all the commitments and standards of this code;

• In the products and services we offer
• In the procedures our staff follow
• By making sure our products and services meet relevant laws and regulations
• Having a secure and reliable payment and banking system

We will help you understand how our products and services work by giving you information about them in plain English, explaining their financial implications and helping you choose the right one that meets your requirement.

Complaints and enquires will be handled sympathetically and quickly, and we will inform you how to take your complaint forward if you are not satisfied.


You will be given clear information explaining the key features of the products and services you are interested in or if you have already made up your mind we will give you the information on a single product or service.

We will tell you what information we need from you to prove your identity (we have to check your identity by law to comply with regulations regarding money laundering).

We will tell you if we offer products and services in more than one way (for example, on the internet, over the phone, in branches and so on) and tell you how to find out more about them.

Once you have chosen a service, we will tell you how it works.

All telephone calls will be recorded.

Exchange Rates

You can find out about our foreign exchange rates by phoning one of our dealers. Once you have registered and become a customer, we will give you information on the exchange rates which are applicable to your requirements; we will also tell you our website address, our helpline numbers and any other ways in which you can contact us.


When you become a customer, we will give you details of any charges for a related currency transaction, you can also find out about these charges by asking one of our dealers. We will let you know (at any time) the charges for any other product or service and in particular before we provide that product or service.

Terms and Conditions

When you become a customer we will give you the relevant terms and conditions for the service you have asked us to provide. All written terms and conditions will be fair and will set out your rights and responsibilities clearly in plain English language. We will only use legal or technical language where necessary.

Changes to Terms and Conditions

When you become a customer, we will tell you how we inform you of any changes to our terms and conditions. We may make any other change immediately and tell you about it within 30 days. If we make any major changes or a significant number of minor changes in any one year, we will give you a copy of the new terms and conditions and/or a summary of the changes.

Closing your account

Under normal circumstances, we will not close your account without giving you at least 30 days' notice.

Advertising and Marketing

We will endeavour to ensure that all advertising and promotional material is clear, fair, reasonable and representative. We may tell you about another company's services or products, and if you subsequently register interest in those services or products that company may contact you directly. When you become a customer, we will give you the opportunity to say that you do not want to be contacted for marketing purposes by us or by other companies.

Foreign Exchange Services

We will give you an explanation of the service, details of the exchange rate and an explanation of the charges that apply to the foreign exchange transactions which you are about to make. If this is not possible, we will tell you how any charges will be calculated.

If you want to transfer money abroad we will provide the following:

• Details of when the monies you have sent abroad should by available at the recipient bank
• The reasons for any possible delays
• The exchange rate applied when converting to the foreign currency
• Details of any commission or charges which you will have to pay
• A warning that the person receiving the money may also have to pay charges levied by the recipient bank

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy is available here

Our Services

Please be aware our telephone lines may be recorded or monitored for training purposes.

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