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Frequently Asked Questions

Q How will I save and make more money?

A. We guarantee to quote you a better exchange rate than your bank. Savings can vary but are often as high as 4% of the amount being transferred. For example, a client transferring £100,000 Pounds to Euros was recently quoted 1.45 by their bank and thus would have received €145,000. We quoted 1.48 and paid them €148,000.

Using IMS Foreign Exchange saved them another €3,000.00.

Please Contact Us to compare your Bank's Exchange Rate with our Exchange Rates.

Q Do you charge commission?

A. No, we never charge commission and there are no other hidden fees or account charges.

Q What are the benefits of using IMS FX?

A. IMS Foreign Exchange is able to offer excellent foreign currency exchange rates to its clients; we achieve this by offering 'wholesale' foreign exchange rates compared to the banks 'retail' foreign exchange rates. Our aim is to give a simple easy to use service ensuring our clients have total peace of mind at all times.

Q What rate will I get? Will I get the same rate I see on the TV or the Internet?

The exchange rate will depend on the amount being transferred and the date you want the funds to arrive. The rates on the TV and some internet sites are "mid rates" for transactions over £5,000,000. This means they are an indicative rate halfway between the buy exchange rate and the sell exchange rate and no-one can trade at these rates.

At IMS Foreign Exchange we believe we will quote you an exchange rate closer to these mid rates than anywhere else. If there is a particular exchange rate you are trying to achieve, we are always happy to watch target levels for clients and can transact for you or call you if the rate is reached. You can see indicative exchange rates on our currency converter though please note these are the "interbank" rates for amounts over £5,000,000 so smaller amounts may get slightly lower rates although we will do our utmost to achieve the best exchange rate possible for you

Q How long will it take before I can trade?

A As soon as you have registered as a client you will be able to trade.

Q How will I pay?

A There are several ways to pay: BACS, CHAPS / telegraphic transfer.

Q What happens to my money?

A Your funds will be held in a segregated client account with Lloyds TSB for the short time it takes to complete the transaction.

Q How will I receive my currency?

A Once your payment has been cleared, your foreign currency will be transferred to your selected account by CHAPS payment.

Q How many times can I use this service?

A You can make as many transactions as you need, once you have opened an account with us all you need to do is pick up the phone.

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